The Art of Fabric Printing: A Journey Through Time

Fabric printing, believed to have originated in China approximately 4500 years ago, has been mastered in the subcontinent of India. In Jaipur and nearby areas, generations of local artisans, particularly the chippas caste, have perfected this craft. Their expertise in block printing has been passed down through families, teaching children and grandchildren the intricacies of this art form.

The use of natural plant dyes sourced locally and metallic salts, known as mordants, allows these artisans to create vibrant colors that adhere to fabric. This technique has been historically revered, gracing the palaces of Mughal emperors and admired by aristocratic families in Western Europe.

Julia Amory recognizes the cultural and historical significance of this craft. By partnering with multiple printing studios in Jaipur, the capital of India's Rajasthan state, we honor and celebrate the importance of local communities in maintaining these family traditions. Working closely with the artisans of Jaipur allows us to bring attention to their skill and dedication.

Block printing, traditionally done by eye, embraces imperfections as part of its unique beauty. Our mission at Julia Amory is to bring the exquisite work of Jaipur's locals into homes worldwide, allowing families to appreciate this centuries-old tradition. We are committed to celebrating and supporting the creative legacy and commerce of the Block Print tradition.