What is shipping time?
Our warehouse generally ships within 24 hours, occasionally due to volume or weather, there is a delay. We do our best to notify customers of any abnormal delay in shipping. Shipping Information

Can you accommodate one-off custom orders?
Unfortunately due to the volume of our orders and lead time for our handmade product we are not able to accommodate one-off custom requests at this time.

What size tables work best for your tablecloths?
Our tablecloth size guide can be found on the website which can be helpful in measuring your table, a helpful tip is that tables are generally 30" high also please note an "ideal drop" on a rectangular table is approximately 10" - 12" inches.

I have a question about my order?
Please email customerservice@juliaamory.com and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours, M-F.

Do you restock all prints?
We periodically bring back bestselling patterns although we also have a seasonal rotation of new prints.

How do I get notified of restocks or new product?
Please sign up for our mailing list or provide your email address under Back in Stock Notifications for the specific product you're interested in on the website.

Where can I get information on personal/non-Julia Amory-related products featured in your photos ie tabletop or clothing items?
While we love to support our peers and share information on other products and brands we love, we have chosen not to directly link products not manufactured by Julia Amory as this instagram account represents our brand. It is at our discretion to share information on products that are not clearly tagged or identified. Please note we do not ever use commissionable links.