Tastemaker Questions: Lucy Cuneo

India Amory Linens used: Green Vine, Coco Wave and Lavender Vine

Do you have a “signature” staple or aesthetic you try to incorporate and/or achieve each time?  Definitely candle-lit and cozy!  Most of the tables we set are with dinner in mind.  I am a night-time entertainer.  I love our parties to run late and to end in dancing. 


What do you think makes a table inviting and alluring?   The whole environment plays such a critical role in setting the tone.  We dim the lights and light the fire.  Music is key — totally depends on the crowd and mood we’re trying to set. I tend to use lots of flowers and candles but I think it’s very fun to have guests sit close together so that conversation can feel inclusive.  I love putting little games or props on the table to set the tone for fun.  Also love little dishes of candies over the holidays especially. 


Do you have any memorable tablescapes that serve as your own inspiration?  Great question! I love Carolyne Roehm and often take a peek at what she’s done in holiday’s past so that I can keep tabs on what to collect over the years. 


Who are you currently coveting for guidance and tablescape artistry? You! :) I love setting tables with like-minded friends, nothing better. 


You recently used our new Lavender Vine for a fun fall scheme. How else might you think about pairing this print with a tablescape?  I love that pattern so much.  It would suit in every season: an Easter lunch outside, a summer evening table with wildly colorful flowers, and so forth…


Favorite floral accent?  I’ll always love peonies and bougainvillea!  Realistically though, I just grab whatever is at the wholesale florist and I tend to set the table around the flowers rather than the other way around. 


How do you think about lighting on your table? Love candlesticks/tapers as they’re more flattering.  My friends laugh at the amount of candles I put on the table, it’s excessive and I love it. 


You’ve made mention of your Grandmother having a significant influence on your appreciation for linens. Can you share more with us?  She was an amazing decorator and collector and I’m so fortunate to have had her guidance.  We spend a lot of time in her home in France and even though she has passed, I love setting the table with one of her many collections because I feel like she’s still teaching me.  She combined color schemes that I never would have been brave enough to (grays and yellows) but it looks so good.  


Do you have any cherished pieces from your Grandmother that you often incorporate into your tablescapes? How would she set her table?   I have her silver candlesticks which still have the wax from her dinner parties on them, I can’t bare to clean them even though they look ridiculous.  I love that my layers of wax melt over hers, like layers of memories and stories.  Odd I know! 


You recently blogged about summertime in France with your husband and baby. What do the french do well when it comes to setting a table?   Oh they keep it so relaxed.  Club 55 is my favorite place on earth.  It’s a beach club/restaurant.  The tables are so simple: a beautiful french blue table cloth, flowers *if* you’re a special guest.  It’s all about the fresh food, rosé and conversation which inevitably drifts on for hours. 


Dream setting for your next dinner party?  Honestly I’d love to do an over the top palm beach set up (never been) or Bermuda beach party!!