What prints can I use for a custom order? For custom orders, we have a large selection of JA patterns to choose from which can be fully customized in any color.

If tablecloths are part of my custom order, can I request custom sizes for the tables at my event/wedding? Custom order tablecloths can also be customized to fit tables of different sizes beyond our standard round and rectangular options on our site.

Are samples available for all the prints available to me for my custom order? Unfortunately given the number of prints in our catalogue, and the handmade process of blockprint production, we do not send physical samples. 

If you choose to use custom colors for your print we will send you our custom color swatches to choose from. 

Additionally, while we strive to match colorways of our prints in subsequent printings as closely as possible, please note that blockprinting is a manual process and as such dye lots may vary slightly batch to batch and imperfections may occur.

How much time prior to my event/wedding do I need to place my custom order? To ensure our custom orders are able to be made, imported, and delivered to our clients on time, we require a firm six-month lead time from the date the order is placed to the special event or wedding.

Is there a minimum cost for a custom order? Custom orders require a minimum of $2,000 per order, this applies to both custom-sizing as well as custom colorization.

What information do I need to provide to Julia Amory to place my order? In order to place a custom order, we require the exact details of number and size of tablecloths. A helpful guide on how to measure for tablecloths can be found HERE.

Is the JA team available to help me in making design decisions related to my custom order? We understand the importance of your event/wedding, and our JA team members are available for up to 2 hours of design consultation by phone or email prior to placing your order.

Please note that to ensure the correct sizing of table linens for your custom order, the responsibility for proper measurement falls on the client.

When and how will I be charged for my JA custom order? Payment via a custom invoice link is required at the time orders are placed; all custom orders are non-refundable once they have been placed. Unfortunately, we do not accept checks as a form of payment.

Can I place my custom order at any time? Yes! However, at JA we have the capacity to fulfill a limited number of weddings and event custom orders at a given time, and as such we accept orders on a first come, first serve basis. In order to ensure we are able to include your order based on our production schedule, we encourage you to place orders in advance of the six-month lead time required for an order.