Teatime with Cece


Tastemaker: CeCe Barfield Thompson

India Amory Linens used: Bermuda Blue Placemats, Blue Spot Tablecloth, India Amory “Mom & Baby” Robes


We loved touring your home on One Kings Lane as part of their “Designer Homes” series. In the piece you talk about tableware being your “small-space vice of choice”. Can you share with us some of your most coveted tableware pieces? A newly acquired set of petite Lemon tureens by Vladimir Kanevsky. I used them on my table at this year Veranda Orchid Dinner and couldn’t bare to part with them! 

For someone just starting their own tableware collection, where do you recommend they start? Phase I:  When choosing a pattern, always consider what food will look like on a plate - it is very important!  I recommend a set of antique Royal Copenhagen blue and white china in any of the classic patterns (full lace, half lace or mega). A beautiful table setting is all about layers and Royal Copenhagen is a style that works with everything! Their patterns layer easily with a range of palettes and patterns.  

Phase II: A set of etched stemware in a variety of colors - the more antique, the better! 

Are there tried and true pieces you typically incorporate into your table schemes? Royal Copenhagen china, Duralex water glasses (they feel so French!), antique table cloths and monogramed napkins from Julia B or Matouk depending on how formal the night.  For silverware, I just use a stainless Bamboo pattern (that I found on Amazon) for everyday and Tiffany Audubon for more formal occasions.

With spring at our doorstep, what do you think makes for a cheery table setting with entertaining in mind? Do you have a favorite spring floral accent? My favorite spring flowers are Lilacs and Lily of the Valley. While I generally try to adhere to the “no fragrant flowers on the table” rule, I disregard it this time of year so that I can incorporate my favorite blooms into my table-scapes.

Before starting your interior design firm CeCe Barfield Inc., you worked at Vogue Magazine and then with Bunny Williams. How does your past work influence your current approach with your own business? BWI and Vogue both taught me the importance of focus, professionalism, and diligence. While the jobs may sound super glamorous, they were demanding! The intensity only made a job well done all the more rewarding!  I apply the same high standards to my design work (though jeans are allowed in my office!). 

Aesthetically speaking both jobs showed me the importance of pulling inspiration and ideas from a wide range of sources. It is essential to always be on the lookout and to continuously train your eye.

Tell us about a current design project of yours. What can we expect to see from CeCe Barfield Inc. this summer? Right now we are working on a range of projects from a contemporary beach house in the Caribbean to an old farm house in Greenwich. Each project is really unique and that is one of the reasons I love what I do.

This summer, some completed projects are being published in shelter magazines - a pied-a-terre overlooking Central Park and a historic family house in Larchmont, New York. Again, both totally different projects but equally wonderful. 

Beach house or mountain escape? Beach!

Interior designer crush? Daniel Romualdez.

Who do you follow on Instagram for inspiration? Gloria Gonzalez, The Tomorrows, Secrets of a Hostess, and Casa Mota to name a few! 

Tell us about how you styled your India Amory Bermuda Blue Placemats. What was the occasion? I love the vibrancy of all of the patterns! They feel so youthful and fresh. Also, I love how easy they are to launder! The Blue Spot tablecloth made for the perfect setting for a tea party with my little girls. It is so important to teach your children the joy of living well. It can teach them so many things – life simple pleasures, respect and also, style! 

We love seeing your India Amory bathrobe in your home. What are some key elements in making a bathroom a luxurious, serene space? Treat it as you would any other part of your personal space - make sure you have the functional elements - like ample shelving, good lighting, and a place to sit -- as well as lots of little personal luxuries that contribute to a beautiful start and end to each day. I love fresh flowers, a Le Labo Santal 26 candle, Himalayan bath salts, Tata Harper body oil, soft monogrammed towels, and my India Amory robe!