Table Themes with Teggy French


Tastemaker: Alexandra Weichert of Teggy French
India Amory Linens used:
Periwinkle Paisley Tablecloth and Pinecone Dinner Napkins

What is your approach to entertaining and what are your favorite events to host? Entertaining should be FUN and not taken too seriously! I LOVE a theme, so birthdays, holidays, and tailgate parties are my jam.

How to you go about setting your table? Any favorite tricks? THEME! If it's Taco Tuesday, then we are using our taco tablecloth! I love mixing classic style with just a pinch of tacky. This combo makes for some whimsy, which is what I live for in all aspects of my life.

You recently gave your kitchen a facelift - can you tell us more about what inspired you? My kitchen felt so heavy with its dark countertops, which were already there when we moved into our home six years ago. I want to walk into every room in my house and feel happy, and no matter what I tried to do to that kitchen to make it work, it just never felt right. I always thought that renovating a kitchen cost a fortune, and the idea of doing it intimidated me because I didn't know where to start. One day I was driving down the road, spotted a tile shop, and decided to stop in to find out what the process of replacing my countertops would look like. Once I realized how easy (and how much less expensive) it was than I thought, I was sold. Replacing the countertops and the backsplash (with tiles I found on Etsy) and refreshing the cabinets and walls with a new coat of white paint together resulted in my dream kitchen! It has also taught me that where there's a will, there's a way... even when it comes to decor!

You've become known for a particular 60s flair to your style - does that resonate in your taste in interior design as well? Oh yes! I am ALL about mixing old with new. I grew up with parents who spent their weekends antiquing, and I am so grateful for that tradition because it taught me that what's old can be new again. It also introduced me to the thrill of the hunt... which I live for.

Who do you consider to have had the greatest influence on your taste? My parents.

What are some of your favorite instagram accounts to follow? Yours, of course! In addition, I find interior inspiration following @theglampad, @Society Social, @broomestreetstudios, @lboriginals, @stuffy_muffy, @traditionalhome, and @dorothydraperfw.

You were recently in Paris - any particular highlights? The highlight of my trip definitely was un-pique-nique aver mon amour avec du vin et du fromage au Jarin du Luxembourg! FYI my husband wrote that...I don't speak French, but I know it has something to do with eating cheese with him in Luxembourg Garden, which was indeed the highlight of our trip :)

What is your most prized possession? My gold heart locket that is engraved with "Mama" and has a picture of Lawrence (our son) and Snickers (our fur baby) in it.

Best advice you've ever received? Always ask yourself "What is in your best or better interest?".

What's next for Teggy French? Caftans, turbans, bows, and laughter....lots and lots of laughter!