Over the Moon with Alexander Macon

Tastemaker: Alexandra Macon
India Amory Linens used:
Petal Carnation Floral Tablecloth and Petal Alpine Dinner Napkins

Over The Moon has become the go to resource for all things wedding-style related. How did you come up with the idea to launch the blog and later the shop? I came up with the idea after attending lots of friends’ beautiful weddings and realizing there was nowhere online that felt like an aesthetically in-inline, appropriate place to feature them. There wasn’t a site that looked at weddings through the lens of fashion and felt aspirational, yet still very relatable...and really tapped into the emotions that go into planning the whole thing, so I set out to create it. Launching the shop a little over a year ago felt like a natural progression.

What are your top tips for approaching the aesthetic and decor of a wedding? Lots of research (including coffee table books, not just Instagram) and making it as personal as possible. Your wedding should feel like you!

What was your favorite thing about your own wedding? Anything you would change? The man I married! I don’t say this enough, but I got really lucky, and while there are certainly more ups and downs in marriage than I ever could have anticipated (especially after having kids), I’m glad he picked me, and I picked him.

We had a little too much fun at our wedding, so if I could back in time, I would change two things: I would drink a little bit less and be sure to get more portraits of us. We have lots of candids, but we didn’t do a first look, so we're really missing a formal photo.

Describe your ideal late summer/early fall gathering and how you like to approach setting a table. I’m a big fan of mixing and matching. Perhaps that’s because I never seem to have enough of anything! But in all seriousness, lots of layers are more appealing to the eye so I like to put the china my mother-in-law gave me with flea market finds and colorful Laboratorio Paravicini plates.

What are your must have beauty products? Clé de Peau Beauté all day, every day—it’s like an eraser for your face.

Three dream dinner guests? Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and Princess Diana—I don’t even need to eat. I could just be a fly on the wall!

Favorite India Amory pattern? It’s hard to choose—I love the bows, the petal alpine, and the dandelion.

Any trips planned for fall—favorite travel destination? I’m headed to Scotland. I’m a huge fan of the historical fiction series Outlander, which takes place in the Scottish Highlands, and I’ve been dying to go ever since I started reading the books and watching the show on Starz.

Do you have a go to easy fall recipe? Yes, tortilla soup! It’s a casual Sunday favorite. Oyster stuffing at Thanksgiving and deep-dish apple pie.

What's up next for Over The Moon? Taking over the world, one wedding at a time. ;)