Lunch with Liz

Tastemaker: Liz Eichholz, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Weezie
India Amory Linens used:
Coral Beach Peach Tablecloth and Fir Tree Dinner Napkins

We're such fans of Weezie - can you tell us a bit about how the company came to be and your background prior to starting the company? I’ve spent my career in graphic design working for in-house creative teams. Prior to starting Weezie, I worked at UncommonGoods and an online women’s publication, where I was their first creative director. I’ve always been intrigued by entrepreneurship, too! While at UncommonGoods, I launched my first company, Tempe Rowe, which sold embroidered silk sleep masks.

In 2017, I was chatting with my longtime friend, Lindsey Johnson, about the disappointing experience I had buying towels off my wedding registry. When I moved from NYC to Savannah, I was so excited to get rid of my hodgepodge of towels and finally stock up on nice towels for my bathrooms! But this purchase soon turned into an annoying chore. There were so many options at varying price points, the jargon was confusing, and customization options were limited and slow. Even once I landed on a brand, there were so many options - it really was overwhelming! Our initial conversation kept snowballing until it became an idea we couldn’t ignore. Fast forward, Lindsey and I launched Weezie in October 2018 to finally bring the perfect, modern luxury towel market.

As Creative Director, how do you approach your campaigns and the creative side of the brand? A lot goes into each marketing campaign: product development, social media, email marketing, photoshoots, website updates, and the copy and graphic design to accompany it all. When I approach a campaign, I work backwards on a calendar (we use Monday!) to stay organized and set deadlines. I make a lot of visual decks, do a brain dump of all of my ideas and edit, edit, edit!

I look for inspiration anywhere I can find it–a trip, an old coffee table book, the fashion industry, literally anywhere! For every aspect of the brand, my goal is to stay incredibly cohesive and focused on our brand pillars: an obsession with quality, design, and enjoying the little things (#enjoythestay). So I try to balance staying super focused and “in our lane” with bringing fresh ideas and inspiration to the table. While we are a luxury product, I want our brand to remain playful and fresh–it’s our take on modern luxury.

Why towels? Because it was a personal problem! I’ve always been entrepreneurial and had lots of ideas for companies, but focusing on towels was one that other people instantly related to. That was hard to ignore!

On a brand level, Weezie strives to celebrate life’s little moments. Our brand hashtag, #enjoythestay, is all about making everyday a special occasion, and what better way to do so than wrapping up in a cozy, fluffy towel or robe at the end of the day?! Towels have a unique way of bringing simple luxury and elevating the everyday, and we really wanted to deliver that through Weezie.

Your house in Savannah is so beautiful, can you tell us about your approach to decorating it? Thank you! My approach to decorating is a slow one–something both my interior designer, Robyn Roberts, and husband tend to hate. I like to live in a space and see how we are actually using a room before we dig in. I find that this approach helps us to fully use each room (there is nothing I hate more than a well-decorated room that is never actually enjoyed!).

We fell in love instantly with our house in Savannah. It’s filled with old southern charm from the early 1900’s so I love bringing a really layered look through lots of traditional elements mixed with unique modern finds. I’ve always loved a mix–masculine and feminine, old and new, interesting finds from trips with a story behind them. Also with #grandmillennial undertones ;)

When hosting a party in that fabulous dining room, what is your approach to setting the table? My husband and I love hosting friends for cocktails and dinner, and we even host an annual boozy Disco Brunch in the dining room! My approach is more is more is more. More flowers, more candles, more champagne, more games. In terms of designing a table, I have loved playing with India Amory’s different color tablecloths and napkins–it’s such an easy way to introduce a different vibe and switch things up. The details truly make such a huge impact!

Three tips for organizing the perfect party...

  • I love forcing an after-dinner game on everyone (“family” was a recent hit at our last dinner party, I highly recommend!)

  • Do as much as possible ahead of time so you’re not stressed! I try to arrange the flowers ahead of time, place settings the night before, and put the cooking on my husband ;)

  • Keep the vino flowing! We love whipping out something new for everyone to try at the end of the night like a new wine, a new tequila, etc. We recently got some Casa Dragones from San Miguel and had a round of tequila sipping at the end of our last dinner party which made for a fun end to the evening!

Dream dinner party guests (at the risk of sounding morbid, dead people are fair game!) Princess Di, the cast of Queer Eye, and my grandma I never met that people say I am exactly like!

What's your favorite thing about living in Savannah? Put quite simply, Savannah is a dreamy place to live! I left New York kicking and screaming, but have come to love and treasure the slower pace of life here.

Do you have an India Amory print that particularly makes your heart sing? Blue Spot will always hold a special place in my heart! It’s the beautiful print we used for Weezie’s first product collaboration, this summer’s limited edition robe with India Amory. The print is such a classic, and brings me such joy each and every time I throw the robe on!

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I’ve had my eye on the Coral Beach Peach - it’s really the perfect print for a warmer Christmas in the South!

What's next for Weezie? We have some really exciting new products coming up, and big dreams that we can’t wait to make a reality! At the end of the day, our highest priority at Weezie is that we continue to delight our customers with the highest quality, luxury products, and that we encourage even more customers to #enjoythestay on the daily.