Elizabeth Tuke Entertains for the Holidays

Tastemaker: Elizabeth Tuke Dake
Founder of TUKE Consulting & Tuke Bazaar

India Amory Linens used
Forest Trelliage Tablecloth and Dinner Napkins
Butternut Beige Tablecloth and Dinner Napkins

What originally sparked you to launch Tuke Bazaar? The TUKE Bazaar online boutique is an extension of our public relations firm, TUKE Consulting -- a personal, passionate approach to sharing (and now, shopping!) new, small and fabulous designers and specialty brands.

The media landscape continues to change and there have been increasingly less opportunities to introduce fashion brand stories via the traditional editorial route.  Collaborations are over-saturating the fashion space while events and activations have been back-burnered due to the pandemic. The fashion obsessed know how to navigate these tricky times and lean towards trusted influencers or a dozen of luxury retailers for newness and inspiration. However, there are countless regional markets packed with discerning, savvy shoppers -- all of whom love to shop new designers but are overwhelmed by luxury e-commerce sites and don't care to stalk street style stars. The TUKE Bazaar is a personalized online boutique that is approachable with a playful curate of everything from girly dresses to caviar, shearlings to needlepoint slippers.

What’s your favorite item on your website right now? The Marfa Stance reversible jade shearling coat is pretty next level gorgeous. Each coat in the London-based collection is multi-functional and they are truly the epitome of luxury.  

What’s one thing you learned as an actress that still helps you today? My former acting coach Kathryn Gately told me that quiet space was not necessarily meant to be filled with noise. It is still a work in progress...

What’s the biggest challenge of running your own consulting business? Knowing when to turn off is my biggest challenge. I am always trying to juggle it all at once and have a hard time just shutting down and being still. 

What are two quirky facts the world doesn’t know about you? 

  • I always wanted to be a musical theatre actress -- Broadway was my first real dream.

  • I am under 5’ tall!

Two dream dinner guests, dead or alive, who would they be and why? 

  • Truman Capote -- I feel like we could really have a fab lunch at La Grenouille...an endless indulgence of souffles & society gossip! 

  • My grandfather, McKnight “Mac” Kinne -- my son’s namesake. He died before I was born but was apparently fabulously funny, well-dressed, loved to dance and a good cocktail.

  • Kris Jenner -- I just need one green juice with the ultimate stage mom.

What’s your favorite India Amory print? That’s a silly question-- they are all so fabulous and I need/want one of everything!

What are your three go to items in your closet that you always pack in your luggage?

  • I am super organized so the Paravel packing cubes are always in rotation when traveling.

  • I am lucky to own a Heritage Zodiac necklace -- it has the birthstones of my husband, children, parents and siblings so I always carry my loved ones with me.  

  • I love a crisp button-down -- it always looks sharp no matter how you wear it. I’m currently obsessed with the blue/white striped Boyfriend Shirt by THE SHIRT.

What have you learned about yourself the past 9 months? I have also learned the importance of being resilient. My business was impacted by Covid and I had to shift gears very quickly to keep moving ahead. 

What’s your take on how the world is currently shopping? Retail therapy has surely been trending over the past 9 months. Merchants have such a captive online audience who are longing to feel good about themselves by way of fun discoveries and exciting purchases -- most importantly, getting packages! While I do hope for a resolution in these uncertain times, I can’t imagine that the need for uplifting habits is going to diminish any time soon.

Will you share one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Put less pressure on myself!

What are three pieces of advice you have for women beginning to launch their own business?

  • Be confident and start your new adventure with intention and integrity.

  • Have conviction in everything you do.

  • Be scrappy.