Brunch with Bitty!

Tastemaker: Brittany Bromley
India Amory Linens used:
Tumbleweed Tablecloth


We are such fans of your work - can you give us a bit of background on how Brittany Bromley Interiors came to be? Thank you!!! For many years I was in residential real estate, and I always prided myself on offering my clients unique suggestions about how to make properties at which we were looking their own. I would suggest changing the swing on doors and moving windows etc. and helping them envision the final product and all its possibilities was always my favorite part. After much encouragement and prodding, I finally relented when one of my clients asked if I would do the design work on their new home... about six months later I had 14 projects and the rest as they say is history!

Growing up in Chicago, Alessandra Branca was a family friend and influenced your aesthetic - what draws you to her work and who are some of your other favorite interior designers? I’m always influenced by people who are true to their own design aesthetic, and I particularly gravitate towards those who have a nod towards classicism. I love rooms which feel collected, curated and considered. I particularly admire the work of Tom Scheerer, Mary McDonald, and Alberto Pinto.

Can you tell us some of your favorite things about Bedford? Places to eat? Shop? I adore Bedford... I’m something of a city mouse, having been raised in downtown Chicago, however I’ve taken to my country mouse life with gusto! One of the things I like most about it is that it never felt suburban, if anything it tends to nod toward sophisticated rural, which is what seems to happen when a group of really urban sophisticates move from New York City to a pastoral setting!

My favorite restaurants are the Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean Georges, Bedford Gourmet and The Reading Room.

I’m a magpie by nature so I love to shop and bring things back to the nest... some of my current favorites include the La Maison Fete pop up at Hedgerow, Antique and Artisans, and of course the most dangerous of all, my own shop Brittany Bromley Home at the Jackson House, where I usually take one of everything home!

Any particular small brands or lines that you’re currently excited about? Instagram accounts you love to follow? We just started carrying jewelry by joya which I adore and stack 6 bangles deep, and I’m currently ordering all of my custom linens for the holidays from our beautiful in house linen line by Julian Mejia.

I love to follow:


If you had to pick a favorite project you've worked on (and yes we know this is like asking you to pick a favorite daughter), which one would it be and why? Oh my- that’s so difficult! We love all of our clients and projects but the most rewarding ones are the ones where you quickly establish trust with a client that acts like a “design currency” and they let you really do things that are creative and interesting because they trust your vision. We completed one such project in Bedford recently and the outcome of the project was so much better because the client really trusted us to do what we do best, and while they informed the decisions, they relinquished control of the details to us which usually provides a better outcome.

Having gone to Tulane, you’ve mentioned that New Orleans played a big part in influencing your career - tell us why you love the city. I love everything about it! It truly is the most European city in the US because there were such a confluence of different countries which had dominion over it at various stages in its history. As a result it’s truly a melting pot of all of these cultures as well as the Creole culture that resulted from their interaction with the indigenous population. It’s sophisticated, complex, elegant, and a little bit debaucherous and seedy. The architecture is beautiful, the gardens are exquisite and the food is FABULOUS.

What is your approach to setting a table, where do you start? I like to approach setting a table as though it were putting together an outfit. you want to start with one focal piece and build outward from there. And accessorize!

We’re heading into fall, how do you see using printed linens to set an autumn inspired table? I love unusual color combinations- for the fall I’m mixing together aubergine and burnt orange with some paisley and liberty print thrown in for good measure. And pheasant feathers!

Favorite music for a dinner party? Always a mix- my husband makes the most incredible playlists so all I have to do is enjoy. Usually everything from Jose Feliciano to Nancy Wilson and Adele- he keeps us guessing!

What’s next for Brittany Bromley? As we speak I’m on a plane heading to Greece for a small hotel project on the island of Chios- and from there back to LA for a project in the Hollywood Hills!