An Afternoon with Ariel

Tastemaker: Ariel Okin
India Amory Linens used:
Peridot Paisley Dinner Napkins and Fir Tree Tablecloth


Favorite drink for summer: Wolffer rosé (sometimes with ice & a lime - sacrilegious but super refreshing!) Pregnant, I've been drinking seltzer with a splash of grapefruit juice, lots of ice and a lime - that "recipe" is also delicious with fresh orange, muddled cucumber and mint.
5 soundbites on your approach to entertaining / setting the table, your style ethos 
1. Entertaining should be fun and easy - create a formula that works for you (your favorite things to serve, favorite plates to use, music that gets everybody in a good mood, etc.), and follow it fluidly so that you're never stressed. A happy (and relaxed) host makes a happy guest!
2. Things happen - soufflés fall, pies burn – laugh it off, and worst case, run down to the gourmet store and pick up something pretty and prepared. 
3. Always have three things at a dinner party: dim lighting, great music, and interesting people.
4. Mixing high/low is such a great and fun way to create unique tablescapes - not everything has to be fine china all the time! That goes for food too: one of my favorite stories is where a legendary hostess would use sterling silver to serve Popeye's fried chicken! Fussy isn't fun. 
5. My style ethos is traditional, but with a twist – I love a neutral palette flecked with pattern, texture and some antiques thrown in for good measure. And always rattan!